COVID-19 Security Services

The coronavirus pandemic has upended normal life throughout much of America. Forced business shutdowns, mandatory stay-at-home orders, and rising economic fears have quickly become many Americans’ new normal. For security professionals, however, the need to protect life and property is as important as ever before. However, that mission can also be even more challenging in this type of dangerous environment. As your Chicago security agency, the best way to perform that mission while also helping to defeat the pandemic is to know how to deal with Covid-19 challenges.

Security is Essential

In times like these, security is vitally important. Criminals and other bad actors can still pose a direct threat to people and property, and law enforcement cannot always be there to deter illicit activities. As your Chicago security agency, we will still fulfill that vital deterrent role, while also interacting with the public effectively.

Proper Safety Protocols

United Protection Agency is higly trained in the Safety Protocols to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. These include how to properly set social distancing techniques, checking for early coronavirus symptons, handling and providing Personal Protection Equipment, and checking employees, customers or visitor temperatures in access controls.

Any Possible Exposure and Responding Accordingly

Depending on who you come into contact with, it is always possible that you or your clothing and gear may be exposed to the virus or an individual suspected of carrying it. If that happens, it will be important to quickly disinfect your gear, following all standard protocols. Some of your PPE will need to be discarded, to avoid any possible spread of the virus. Obviously, we will notify the right authorities about the incident.

Our COVID-19 services

We are ready to protect your business, employees, customers, visitors and assets. Our new extended services for COVID-19 include:

    • Temperature checks.
    • Screen In & Screen Out of employees, visitors or customers.
    • Occupancy Monitoring for Contact Tracing
    • Social Distancing
    • Touchless Controls

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