What Clients said about us

Polite and professional officers. No surprise fees. Good security execution. No complains. I recommend them.

Doug W. Kendall

CEO, DG & Kendall & Associates LLC

One of the few security agencies that is constantly trying to improve the community in which their business reside.

SoS Swagger

Sophisticated Swag, CEO

Professional company that tailored my office building security needs. I totally recommend United Protection Agency Inc. and it’s employees.

Dave Nebot

Facilities Manager, KLRTS Management LLC

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Chicago is a vibrant global city that is home to many corporate headquarters, prominent events, and famous residents. To keep business assets, properties, people, and crowds safe, it takes highly trained security professionals to get the job done right.

At United Protection Agency Inc, our security guards do much more than just monitor entrances and exits to establish a presence of safety and authority. In addition to those vital tasks, we are prepared to write up reports of irregularities in daily activity, investigate disturbances, interact with visitors, and work with the local police and fire departments in case of emergency.

You and your business will never be unsafe again!

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Experienced across the broadest spectrum of private security programs